Looking for Custom Jewelry in Bangor, ME?

Looking for Custom Jewelry in Bangor, ME?

Customize your wedding band or engagement ring

If there's one piece of jewelry that you need to love, it's your wedding band. You're going to wear it every day for the rest of your life, so you need to make sure that it's timeless, durable and exactly what you're looking for.

For wedding bands that stand the test of time, visit Designs by Aaron in Bangor, ME. It's our mission to work with you to make sure your wedding band is exactly what you've been looking for and more! Don't waste thousands on a ring that won't last as long as your marriage. Stop by our shop today or call us at 207-941-9760 for more information.

You don't need an occasion to design custom jewelry

Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays are all great reasons to surprise your loved one with customized jewelry, but you don't have to wait till a big life event has happened to celebrate. If you want to design your custom jewelry, all you have to do is visit Designs by Aaron.

What's the occasion? It doesn't matter if the answer is "nothing," there's never a bad time to bring your customized vision to life. Stop by Designs by Aaron in Bangor, ME today to get started.